Start a Small Business From Home – House Painting Pays Plenty

You have a beautiful house, everyone comments on how nice it looks and you love to work outdoors. This is the perfect combination to start your own professional painting contractor service; a business you can run from your home that will provide you with a steady income.

Starting a painting business from your home is probably one of the easier businesses to get started since it requires very little in the way of cash on hand. If you have been taking care of your own home, then chances are that you already have most of the tools you will need such as ladders and painting equipment. For those bigger jobs when you get them, you will perhaps need to rent spraying equipment, if you do not already own it.

There are some things you might want to consider taking classes on, such as methods to safely clean up some of the older lead based paints, and the latest in weatherizing techniques. Many of the local chain hardware stores have classes on these subjects on a regular basis. Since these classes are free, it is a great way to add to what you already know, which in turn will only add to the services you can offer.

Other things you will need to brush up your skills on include your math and estimating skills. These go hand in hand with one another and are essential to being able to give your customers a fair and accurate quote. If you want to make a decent profit then your quotes need to be perfect so that you do not end up spending your profits on buying more materials, because you under bid your estimate.

You will need to carry accident and injury insurance for yourself, as this profession is not without its share of these, and you will need to carry liability insurance for your customers. Most customers are going to insist on seeing your proof of insurance as part of the contract negotiations. You should also look into your state and local regulations concerning this type of business as each has its own regulations. At the very least you will be required to carry liability insurance in the possibility that you cause damage to a customer’s propertymore help.

This is the perfect business for a person who loves to paint and be outside, start up costs are minimal and as long as you do good work you will never lack for work. Advertising in your local paper and on the Internet in places like Craigslist, is a great way to get your business started and bring you plenty of work. Providing you do good work, your business will thrive, bringing you a good steady income.

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